No matter how committed we are to healthier eating, there are always parts of the year that put that commitment to the test. Halloween might be one of the toughest. Everywhere we go this time of year, we see those little bowls of candy sitting out. When we go to work, visit friends, or even run the day’s errands – there they are. It’s almost like they’re calling to us.

It might feel like Halloween candy is a tiny indulgence. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Most Halloween favorites are made from especially sugary ingredients that are hard on the teeth and aren’t very nutritious.

Candy isn’t exactly the healthiest of snacks, especially for children. However, if it’s tough for a grown-up to resist Halloween candy, it’s almost impossible for kids. No matter how much we try, kids will always want candy for Halloween.

We already know that healthier snacks like fruits or grains are a much better option for kids than candy, but that’s honestly the last thing they want to see in their trick-or-treat bag. We can’t exactly force our kids to go with fruit when candy is the norm, but we can try to encourage better choices.

All things considered, creamy chocolate snacks – in small amounts – are a better option than the more traditional, gooey standards. Chocolate is less likely to stick around on your teeth, because it’s washed away easily by our saliva.

Obviously, it’s important to consider what kind of chocolate treat you’re selecting. What is the chocolaty treat filled with? Is it adding something nutritious to your indulgence? Will you be getting a nutritional benefit from this Halloween treat?

Sweets are always going to be a part of Halloween and you shouldn’t have to skip that. Instead of ignoring your nutrition plan, select a treat that also provides protein and other nutrients and won’t set your progress back while you indulge your sweet tooth.

Keeping up healthy eating through Halloween is not easy, but it can be done. As with anything else, it comes down to making choices, maintaining a balance, and being mindful of your overall diet. If you can stick to your balanced choices through the candy-filled Halloween season, you’ll be that much more prepared for the bigger challenge waiting around the corner… the winter holidays.